Tiiu Napp is an award-winning photographer who wrote “Healing the Holes in Your Soul/Your Journey to Freedom Begins Within”. Through her journey of life, she discovered a way to create a tapestry of healing through her passions of photography and spirituality.  The journey of writing her book, helped her to relive her life and began the process of healing her soul’s experiences. These experiences helped her to realize the journey of freedom begins within. She now not only shares her experiences in her book as well as in her award-winning photography. This whole process has now created the way to healing the holes in her soul while listening to her inner soul’s guidance to achieve her ability to share her passion of photography. Tiiu realizes that the beauty within her soul, enables her to share the beauty of life through her images.

In the healing journey of writing her book, she realized her passion for photography. During the many years of abuse and loneliness, Tiiu found peace and courage when viewing the world through the eye of the camera. Today her love of photography no longer is an escape from life but empowers her to capture the unique moments in time that reveals the beauty of life. She now listens to her inner voice to find the delicate moments of love between mother and child, or the incredible power of a train racing along the tracks as the skies turn red during an incredible sunset. Tiiu now realizes healing the holes in her soul brought forth the passion of life through photography. Tiiu’s book and fine art photography help create the vision of life.



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